"Water, Peat & Barley" Reportage about Scottlands Whisky Regions

water, peat & barley

A Journey to the whiskyregions of scotland

“Water, Peat & Barley” is a bookproject created as a retrospection of my journey to the home of scottish whisky. To share the fascination and culture of it, i traveled 1 month by myself through all 6 whisky regions Scotlands, observed nature, listened to personal stories and tales which had become legends.

A book about the traditional making of scottish whisky and Scotlands varieties of flora and fauna.

Concept, Research, Layout, Photography, Illustration and Bookbinding by myself.

Bachelor thesis 2015, limited and handcrafted edition of 5, Münster school of design

"Water, Peat & Barley" Reportage on Scottlands Whisky Regions

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